Project Description

K8000S Addressable LED Controller

1.Working Voltage: DC5V

2.Addressable program: Yes

3.Power: 2W

4.Ports Number: 8PCS

5.Max Controller Pixels: 8,192Pixels, 1024pixels/port

6.Working Temperature: -30℃~85℃

7.Product Size: 215*133*30MM

8.SD Card Support: Yes, 1GB

9.N.W.: 0.6KG

10.Support Multiple synchronization

11.LED display function

12.Application: Most of led lights with IC Chips



1.Can control 32-65536 grayscale, Gamma software correcting processing

2.Support all kinds of light source of point, line and surface. Fits for regular and irregular shape of lights project.

3.Light’s signal will be connected to DAT, clock wire will be connected to CLK, negative wire will b single wire and double wire IC type lights, when used for single wire IC types, there is no needing to connect to CLK wire. 17.Support IC Types:

A.Single wire IC: UCS1912, TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS2903, UCS2909, UCS2912, 8205,8206,16703, WS2811 etc.

B.New IC: TM1914, 9883

Specification of memory SD card

1.Type: SD card(If control much led lights, high speed SD card will be recommended)

2.Memory: 1GB

3.Format: Support FAT and FAT32

4.Save Fat: *.led

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